Hypnosis for Abundance

Catch Cristina's meditation every Friday @ 11am!

Inner Stillness, Outer Calm; Taming the Mind in Turbulent Times

Catch David's meditations every Wednesday @ 7pm!

Breath Work for Clarity & Manifestation

Catch Eleonora's meditations 2nd & 4th Thursdays @ 7pm

Breath Work & Ho'Oponopono 

Catch Jay's meditations Tuesdays @ 7pm & Saturdays @ 11am!

Clearing Space: Energy Cleansing

Catch Joseph's meditations every Saturday @ 3pm!

Twin Hearts with Forgiveness Technique

Catch Lili's meditations on Sundays @ 2pm!

Activation Breath Work

Catch Shanila's meditations on Sundays @ 12pm

Cosmic Breath Work

Catch Jean's meditation the 1st & 3rd Thursdays of the month @ 6pm!

Reiki Love

Yoga Nidra for Deep Peace & Healing

Catch Kimberlie's meditations on Mondays @ 6pm!

Catch Kimberlie's meditations on Fridays @ 6pm!


Catch Mina's meditations on Wednesdays @ 5:30pm!

Past Life


Catch Jeroen's meditations 3rd Thursdays of every month @ 7pm!

Mind Your Mind Hypnotic Meditation

Catch Lani's meditations on Tuesdays @ 3pm!

Quantum Mystic

Healing with Mother Mary (last Monday)

Magick Meditation

Catch Rebekah's meditations on Mondays @ 7pm! 

Catch Rebekah's meditations on Fridays @ 7:30pm! 

Grounding & Self-Healing Soul

Catch Travis' meditation every Tuesday @ 6pm!

Yin Yoga

Catch Travis' yoga series every Sunday @ 11am from November 3rd until December 8th!


MON-SAT 11 AM - 9 PM 

SUN 10 AM- 8 pm

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