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•Truth Speaker
• White Fire Healer
•Psychic Development

As a child, Lucia was aware of the spiritual realm and constantly received messages from his Ancestors, Spirit Guides and The Holy Spirit. His dream time was just as vivid in which he had psychic dreams of past lives and the future nightly. Now, years later, Lucia has honed his skills for reading and healing by being able to read into his client’s lives from around the world. Working with Lucia he accesses your past, present, future and past lives all while healing and connecting to loved one’s that have crossed over giving you the ultimate guidance, healing and evolution.

Allow him to assist in your healing and evolution!

Interested in working together? Schedule a healing session below or call the shop at (323) 745-0495 to book an appointment.

Availability: Wednesdays 3pm-7pm; Thursdays 12pm-7pm; Fridays 2pm-6pm