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Moon Magic

  • Liberate Hollywood 6365 Selma Avenue Los Angeles, CA, 90028 United States (map)



Are you infatuated with the beauty and mystical wonders of our dear Moon? Are you curious in understanding the sacred and ancient language that her movement expresses so softly as she dances through her phases? Do you wish to utilize the wisdom she generously shares with us to become the creator of your life and manifest your deepest desires?


In this Moon Magic class you will learn all about the different cycles and phases of the Moon, what they mean for us energetically, and how they affect our psyches. Learning about the Moon allows one to work in collaboration with her shifting energies.


This class is not only focused on learning all about our dear Moon, but also takes a deeper look by going over in detail the astrology placed around the Moon in each new and full cycle, making each class a different and unique experience. In this class specifically, we'll explore the energy around the upcoming Full Moon in Capricorn on June 28th and how we can craft our intention and create a ritual to support our manifestation and shift (scroll down for more details on the Full Moon in Capricorn).


We begin by having scared space be opened where our guides are invited into the gathering with us, then we tap deeply into our subconscious through a guided meditation, all while healing energy is being channeled out to each individual to ease the spirit into receiving clearer divine guidance. Each participant will have time afterwards to reflect on the messages that came through for them and be given writing prompts relating to the astrological sign's energy that is highlighted by the Moon, in order to bring forth a more personalized blueprint of manifestation.


We then wrap all this wisdom together by discussing the characteristics, traits, related tools, and archetypes of the focused astrological sign to gain a deeper understanding. All of this allows for our natural intuition to link strongly with the Moon and all her power. Creating magic with our dear Moon Mother begins by taking a deeper look inside and discovering what she wants to bring out of us!

Come with a pen and paper, an open spirit, and a hunger for wisdom and deep inner connection! 




We will dive deeply into our subconscious with the help of our guides and some healing rays to better understand how to work with the shifting and dualistic energy of the sign of the Twins! By taking a honest look at how this beautiful energy works in collaboration with this specific New Moon, we will be able to create a personalized blueprint of manifestation to utilize this astrological event for our highest good!

COST: $25 Early Bird, $35 Day Of  |  RSVP RECOMMENDED: 323-745-0495 or online HERE




Oscar Galvan has dedicated himself to being a vessel of love for others. Being strongly empathetic and clairvoyant from a young age, he has learned to use his gift of sight and sense to illuminate the Divine Messages hidden in our everyday lives.

After experiencing his first spirit visitation, he discovered his purpose to assist in the healing of others and his ability to channel energy opened up. This strong, healing energy combined with his visual messages from the divine allows Oscar to get to the root of any blockages and clear them out. He creates and holds space for deep, necessary healing to occur through the assistance of the many guides that work with and through him.

Oscar has also danced professionally for years and has incorporated his spiritual teachings in a creative and fun way. He leads movement workshops that invite the participants to dive deep within, bringing forth confidence and love for Oneself and the body, just as it perfectly is. He also works with clients individually in assisting them to harness the power of Self-Love and confidence through body-positive practices.

Oscar offers grounded and practical personalized guidance, healing, and insight through the use of tarot, crystals, energy work, and psychoanalysis practices such as dream interpretations and energy readings.

Later Event: June 18
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