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RAW: Art Exhibition & Fundraising Gala Supporting Women With PTSD

  • Liberate Hollywood 6365 Selma Avenue Los Angeles, CA, 90028 United States (map)

Hollywood Gala for the upcoming film RAW, a tale of two mothers connected by the traumas of war and their personal battles to heal in the aftermath. Join the filmmaking team in a night of raising funds and awareness for the Women of War and Female PTSD with performances by award-winning musicians, motivational speakers, a thought-provoking panel of special guests and exemplary artists exhibiting the height of their craft. Let’s re-embrace what we all are at the core: Connected.

Date: May 4, 2018 Time: 7pm – 11:00pm  |  6365 Selma Ave LA CA 90028


Did you know that these are the common factors most women coming home from the military face?

  • Difficulty expressing emotion
  • Avoidance behavior around triggering situations
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Alcohol & drugs Abuse
  • Physical health problems

Liberate Hollywood’s Philanthropy First Fridays are now dedicated to giving back to the community and those in need. We are excited to support our community - and more specifically the marginalized and ever-growing population of women who have served and suffer from PTSD after returning home. Until 2015, the military’s men have been the only ones on the front line, but now more than 71% of the 17% of women in the military experience MST. Women are also twice as likely to develop PTSD than men (PTSD United). It is our duty to serve the community, give back, and honor those who have given their all to protect our country.


This evening, Liberate Hollywood will be transformed into more than just a healing center: a performance, art, and community gathering safe-space in honor of women who have served and now suffer from the traumatic effects of war and live daily with PTSD. The evening will commence with an opening ceremony, special guest speakers and continue with words from the filmmakers, unique live performances from exclusive artists and time to Shop, Explore and Discover Liberate Hollywood.

Throughout the night Liberate will also be offering Mini Readings and Healings by Donation (suggested $10 - $20) with our gifted practitioners. The art, music, and speakers will give us more insight and better understanding of this newer epidemic in America All ticket sales benefit non-profits and to help create and release a short film called RAW benefiting women who suffer from PTSD. In addition, a special rose quartz necklace representing Unconditional Love tenderness, peace and healing, will be available for purchase with 100% of proceeds from sale going to the cause.

TICKETS: $15 | $75 VIP: Priority Seating, Meet-and-Greet the Artists & Speakers, Complimentary Mini-Reading & Gift Bag (includes copy of Raw the film when it’s released).

UBER is offering discounted rides to AND from the gala for all guests! Purchase tickets to get the code.

RSVP: 323-745-0495 or purchase tickets online HERE

SPECIAL: Readers will be offering 10-minute Mini Readings with a suggested donation of $10 - $20.

All proceeds benefit the short film RAW raising awareness for women who suffer from PTSD. 






We are honored to present artist Tomer Peretz. “I think creating art, and using that art as a medicine on you, this is the best medicine ever, right? You are the good case scenario here.” Tomer Peretz, a former Israeli defense soldier, dove deep into his art as a muralist, designer, and painter after he left the war. Through his “Unbreakable” collection, Peretz is able to grieve the loss of his brothers in combat and stand in his truth about the experiences of war.

 Art by Tomer Peretz

Art by Tomer Peretz



The creative and executive team behind RAW passionately believe this is a story that needs to be told. Our goal with RAW is to raise awareness for Female PTSD and Mothers who are afflicted by war. The film is a window into a culture that is fast disappearing, a glimpse into the true stories of courageous veteran mothers, and a cause to directly benefit attached charities. ModernUnited, the production company driving the project, will also develop a social impact campaign for its film to help educate the global public about female veterans, PTSD, military sexual trauma and depression. Funds donated to the Liberate Hollywood presents RAW event will go to the making of this movie and nonprofits benefitting veteran women suffering from PTSD.



While on duty in Hezbollah territory ... During a military sweep of their village, a horrifying accident robs an Arabic Bedouin Mother of her only son. The loss simultaneously scars the mind of an American Female Soldier, causing repercussions that may tear her own family apart. Two mothers connected by war. RAW is a based on a composition of true stories - women who served our country as well women in the Middle East who live in a constant state of WAR. This is a project dedicated to shedding light on what truly unites us and on the RAW human qualities we all share.


WRITER/DIRECTOR: Drake Shannon |  PRODUCER: Joanna Koss  |  PRODUCER: Pritesh Shah CINEMATOGRAPHER: Akis Konstantakopoulos  |  EDITOR: Christine Park  | COMPOSER: Alexis Grapsas




RAW is a glimpse into the everyday war a soldier faces back home and the spiritual customs followed in Rural Islamic Middle East. For those coping with PTSD, the war may end, but the battle is never over. As much as this story revolves around war, it is about love. The maternal love which knows no boundaries nor borders, the enduring love that creates empathy and compassion for our common humanity in uncommon territory, and the resilient love which not only has the power to forgive for atrocities beyond our control but to instill hope in those who need it most. This is a film of moving images without dialogue, it relies on the conveyance of human emotion and a god-like eye to speak where words fall short. By not having any specific language, this film will not be limited to cultural boarders and can be seen to the same effect by any country. I’ve devised the scenes so the audience will be able to better able appreciate the common thread between two separate stories, spanning different times, meeting at a shared event. Over 2,500 women who served in the military have committed suicide over the last 11 years. My aim is to confront audiences with a growing epidemic that is little known and rarely discussed outside the VA, to have more attention brought to this fairly recent issue of female PTSD. We are nevertheless connected by the same familial wants and desires, and it is those similarities which can bridge the gaps between us.



Our goal is to raise awareness. Before 2015, very few are aware of how many female veterans commit suicide. Now, researchers are examining the issue, and the numbers are staggering: Female vets are six times more likely to commit suicide than their civilian counterparts, and the number has grown steeply over the past decade. A female veteran with PTSD is rarely discussed outside a VA Hospital. These women have one thing in common: They share the same pain and suffering as the women from Iraq and Afghanistan but in the millions. The only difference is they are called survivors. RAW is based on a composition of true stories - women who served our country as well women in the Middle East who live in a constant state of WAR. Every Veteran suicide is a tragic outcome. Regardless of the numbers or rates, one Veteran suicide is too many. RAW is a glimpse into the everyday war a female soldier faces back home and what lies ahead for a Bedouin mother who’s lost her son. This is a project dedicated to shedding light on what truly unites us and on the RAW human qualities we all share.



We are excited for the opportunity to work with you in helping & uniting women all over the world who suffer from PTSD. We are driven to create a better future together. In the meantime, please share our crowdfunding campaign. We are fortunate to have a dollar-for-dollar match and all contributions are tax-deductible. Support the Film RAW and Millions of women around the world:

For more information, please contact New World Agency January Neal 424.228.2324


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