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Sound Bath: Fearless Imaging with Singing Bowls & Binaural Beats!

  • Liberate Hollywood 6365 Selma Avenue Los Angeles, CA, 90028 United States (map)


Imagine your reality into being! We’ll be using sound alchemy to expand your access to the source of your manifestation powers. Everyone goes home with U4Ea, a Binaural Beat brainwave entrainment app. 

Join us for our weekly sound bath, Fearless Imagining. On Thursday, February 1st, we’ll free ourselves from our fears in order to manifest our most heartfelt desires with the aid of a healing sound bath from Master Reiki Practioner and founder of Solar Light Transitions in Los Angeles, Mai Abe, combined with the consciousness shifting benefits of Binaural Beats from the founder of U4Ea, BrandonHoward.

Sound affects humans emotionally, physically, and mentally. A growing understanding for how the human body and mind responds to specific tones at varying levels explains the rise in sound-based healings across the globe. Benefits to those willing to be aware of their thoughts include - but are not limited to - gaining greater control over their well-being, health, prosperity, and lives overall! Binaural Beats are a technology that uses sound to shift consciousness effortlessly, making the mood swings that draw negativity into your life a thing of the past. 

What to expect in this sound bath:

  • FREE U4Ea iPhone app, which will be used and demonstrated throughout the workshop. Please bring your own pair of headphones for greater impact.
  • Brandon will explain the benefits of transmuting fear into opportunities for healing and how U4Ea can help. 
  • Mai Abe will perform a live sound bath meditation, aiding your mind and body to incorporate the healing power of sound through an undeniable, belief building experience.

Wear comfy clothes, bring your yoga mat, blanket and pillow. All you have to do is lie down, close your eyes, breathe and relax. That’s it. The Magic commences with the firs t bang of the gong and continues as you go on a mystical journey of sound orchestrated with gongs, crystal singing bowls, chimes, binaural beats, and more!


Benefits of sound baths include:

    • Reduces Stress and Anxiety
    • Promotes Deep Relaxation and Sense of Well-Being
    • Releases Trauma on Mental, Physical and Emotional Levels
    • Opens and Releases Energy Blocks and Increases (+) Energy Flow
    • Expands Awareness and Increases Levels of Consciousness
    • Activates Deeper Connection to Self – Soul & Spirit
    • Stimulates Creativity and Intuition
    • Enhances Mental Clarity & Ability to Focus
    • Decreases Symptoms of Depression
    • Helps Alleviate Insomnia & Lowers Blood Pressure
    • Expands and Increases Ideas, Imagination and Insight
    • Unlocks Beliefs, Patterns, Fears and Limitations from Subconscious




Mai Abe is the founder and Master Reiki Practitioner of Solar Light Transitions in Los Angeles, CA. Where she facilitates healing primarily through Reiki and Electro-Magnetic Fieldwork. However, she uses coaching, intuition, higher wisdom, meditation and instruction to provide a unique experience for every client.


@BizzzeBE on Twitter and Instagram

Brandon Howard is the founder of U4Ea, a health and wellness mindfulness meditation iPhone app. After experiencing the healing benefits of binaural beats and sacred tones during his own journey of self-discovery, he created a tool to help everyone shift from negative moods and states of consciousness to positive ones, enhancing one’s individual ability to manifest a happier life. His teachings emphasize the benefits of emotional awareness.

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