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Akashic Records Meditation

  • Liberate Hollywood 6365 Selma Avenue Los Angeles, CA, 90028 United States (map)

Akashic Records Meditation with Helen is the 2nd Thursday of every month from 7:00 - 8:00 PM.

According to quantum physicist Ervin Laslo, the Akashic Records are an electromagnetic imprint of everything that’s ever happened in the universe. According to Edgar Cayce, they are the Book of Life, the records of every soul’s journey throughout all time. Whether you come from a scientific or spiritual perspective or both, the loving energy of the Records is deeply healing. 


Advanced Certified Akashic Records Teacher and Practitioner Helen Vonderheide uses a sacred prayer (c) founded by Dr. Linda Howe to connect to the heart of the Akashic Records, the connective tissue from soul to source. Within this realm the soul's very essences, truths, and potentials are revealed to facilitate a profound healing experience and insights into all of life's questions. Working in this realm can help you have a clearer connection with Source, and to gain supportive guidance and wisdom for your own evolution. Soul contracts, soul missions, and related aspects of the soul’s desires can be explored in the Records, and we begin to understand the deeper spiritual reasons for the people and situations in our lives.


Guidance is often given from the Records to help the soul accomplish its true mission and its goals in this lifetime, and many times, past life issues related to current life challenges will come up to be understood and cleared. Anyone can learn to read the Akashic Records and connect directly with their energy and information.


We'll start off with a grounding meditation which allows us to feel anchored into this earth plane. Then we'll open our awareness to receive the infinite wisdom of The Akashic Records which is the connective tissue from soul to source! We will journey into this realm, illuminate our human challenges to get a sense of who we are and how we are known in the light of truth so that we may transform those challenges into divine opportunities. This universal consciousness will provide insights to easily be anchored into our ordinary dimension of consciousness leaving us full and refreshed.




Helen Vonderheide is an Advanced Certified Akashic Records teacher, speaker and practitioner. We all have dreams, and for Helen, her dream had always been to work in Film and TV as a producer. As time went on, she felt like her goals were only inches away from success and she worked hard to do everything right. It was a gut-wrenching blow when the project she was working on, despite her best intentions, fell apart and her life along with it. She didn’t know what to do, but did know she needed clarity and direction to continue moving forward. She took it one day at a time and ended up on a path to find her way out of the darkness – that path led her straight to Akashic Records. When Helen discovered the Records, it was if a huge weight had been lifted off of her shoulders. Through this growing insight, she uncovered more wisdom on how to find true peace and happiness in the journey, and to trust in oneself, above all else.