Fashion Medium
•Psychic Readings
•Intuitive Coaching

Corey Daniel is the Fashion Medium, psychically reading your life from pictures, words and other images that jump off the page, telling your story in future in a way like never before.   As a clairvoyant Corey uses the latest fashion editorial magazines and trends as his preferred modality to connect to the frequency of spirit. With these lively sources of creative energy, he can peer into the future, see the past and clarify the present with staggering detail. He also uses these magazines during his mediumship sessions to facilitate communication with those who have passed away. Those making contact with Corey include departed family members, friends and even spirit babies. Whether topics pertain to business, genetics, love etc., the codes that Corey receives through magazines and fashion produces a sense of wonder and an unique experience.

Availability: Friday & Saturdays 5pm-9pm