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Liberate Emporium Owner & Hypnotherapist Cristina loves helping people transform their lives. Fascinated with hypnosis since she was a child, she would make-believe-hypnotize friends and family members. As an adult, her interest grew serious when she saw the incredible results of hypnotherapy as compared with traditional therapy. She went on to study Hypnotherapy at the Hypnosis Motivation Institute, the only accredited hypnotherapy school in the nation. Cristina holds Masters degrees in both Psychology and Educational Foundations and is a Certified Addiction Treatment Specialist. 

She designed and implemented a prevention rehabilitation program for inner-city youth at juvenile correctional institutions in Los Angeles County, and has worked with adult prison inmates to reduce the recidivism rate upon their release into society. A multi-faceted healer, she has studied countless alternative modalities and is especially skilled in NLP (Neuro-linguistic Processing), Pranic Healing, Reiki and Meditation.

No matter what it is you’re seeking to transform, Cristina can set you on the path to freedom. She gets to the root of mental, emotional, physical and financial struggle. With a gift for getting into your unconscious mind, Cristina will effectively change the way you think, behave, and live your life. Get ready for big, positive change!


Astrology Charts & Transits

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Energy Healing 

Rebekah works with Music, Astrology, Reiki, Pranic Healing, the Law of Vibration & the Divine to help clients on their very personal paths to healing. Born & raised in Nova Scotia, Canada, by professional musicians and progressive thinkers, she has been singing since before she could speak and contemplating God and the nature of existence since the age of four. She currently hosts her own podcast Everyday Seeker: Real Talk For The New Age. A self-described “dark-night-of-the-soul survivor”, she has a great deal of experience with anxiety and cognitive-behavioral therapy in addition to years of intense study of all things metaphysical and spiritual.

Prior to relocating to Los Angeles, Rebekah was on the summer faculty of the famed Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts, and has been a music educator for 10 years as well as a full-time professional musician & performer. She believes music is a profound path to healing, and is passionate about helping others find peace, purpose and their power. She has collaborated and performed with some of music’s most celebrated and award-winning talents including Linda Ronstadt, Steve Winwood, Deer Tick, pop duo Karmin, & Christopher Guest to name just a few.

Her other main squeeze is Astrology, and she has studied with renowned astrologers Anne Ortelee and Rebecca Gordon (Harper’s Bazaar) in New York City, and David Palmer (The Leo King) here in Los Angeles. Rebekah believes Astrology is an amazing tool for self-understanding, and readings are often so validating! While she does not do predictive readings (telling you exactly what's going to happen - as her teacher Anne Ortelee says, 'If it's in your heart, it's in your chart'), she does believe that astrology transits give us very important information about timing - right down to exact dates - as well as the potential for our path forward, how to overcome challenges and maximize the gifts we've been given. 



Hypnotherapy | NLP

Energy Healing


Lani is an Integrative Hypnotist. Hailing from the east coast, she’s studied with some of the most progressive practitioners in the fields of Hypnosis and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and continues to learn the most effective protocols to assist her clients.

Her fascination with Hypnosis and NLP grew out of the desire to help others facilitate change and face challenges in a much gentler manner than she was accustomed to growing up. From childhood and well into her early 20s, her life centered around debilitating social anxiety. To overcome her fears and engage with others, she white-knuckled her way through unpleasant situations. She used nervousness as the throttle to move forward, eventually becoming a journalist and later heading a marketing department.

Having knowledge of the conscious and unconscious mind; however, she’s learned that you don’t have to walk in fear in order to persevere beyond your personal limitations. Through her training she’s adopted various neurological, linguistic, behavioral and hypnotic techniques to help you shift limiting beliefs, overcome insomnia and phobias, build confidence, gain clarity and enhance decision-making, release stress and worry, improve communication, expand your awareness and more. If you’re curious about accessing your unconscious mind and effortlessly changing from the inside-out, contact Lani.


Pranic Healing

Psychic & Energy Readings

Spiritual Coaching

Lili’s desire is to assist as many people as she can reach their life’s fulfillment by the ancient art and science techniques of Pranic Healing, a no-touch energy healing modality that harnesses life force energy (also known as chi and prana) to heal physical, mental, and emotional ailments. Remove traumas, phobias, stress, anxiety, relationship issues, and the list goes on! When we understand that everything is energy and that energy can be shifted and changed, we can ultimately shift and change our lives. For Lili, Pranic Healing is a Godsend and she witnesses miracles small and large every day when she applies these ancient techniques.


Body Realignment Specialist | Ayurvedic Osteopath


Bruce is a truly gifted healer that works to realign your body back to its natural state of wellbeing. Through intense body work that corrects emotional, physical and mental blocks, you will walk away feeling taller, with improved posture, and in a state of empowerment. Allow yourself to release those physical tensions tied to emotional struggles and stresses that limit your potential every day. When you apply Bruce’s nutritional knowledge, your body will be reinforced into a state of vitality. Health is wealth and now is the time to take back your health and be in a total state of balance. One of the most magical things about Bruce is you can come in for a quick 15 minute re-adjustment or spend a magical hour to 90 mins transforming your muscular and skeletal system.



Clairvoyant & Clairsentient

Psychic & Channeled Readings

Past Life Regression


As an Organic Empath, Jerome has always been drawn toward healing practices and the ways of the unseen. When he was a child, he enjoyed listening to his Grandmother's dreams which always seemed to come true. Soon after, he felt the harness of responsibility as his own thoughts and feelings also began to come eerily true. Receiving cognitive, spiritual and energetic guidance, Jerome learned to identify the subtleties between clairvoyance and clairsentience; specifically the difference between his own thoughts and feelings those belonging to the energies around him.

After having followed the footsteps of his parents into the field of psychology, Jerome began looking to alternative forms of therapy. It was Clinical Hypnotherapy that most grabbed his interest, especially after learning that roughly 88% of human mental activity is subconscious rather than conscious, and can therefore best be addressed through Clinical Hypnosis.

Jerome has also helped numerous clients reach their goals in various stages of life through the Remind the Mind hypnotherapy practice. His friendly demeanor and attention to detail help clients gain a better understanding of the decisions they make, and why they make them. As a Hypnotherapist, Jerome works in both clinical and educational capacities, specializing in multiple disciplines including Insomnia, Weight Loss, Anxiety, Relationships, Test-Taking, Motivation, and Hypnosis for Children.

Jerome offers intuitive oracle readings, and also offers Aka Dua, a subtle form of energy healing from the Toltec culture of Meso America that is in the same broad family but distinctly different from Qi, Prana, Reiki and many other forms of energy healing. He is also incredibly knowledgeable in the realm of crystal healing and regularly prescribes specific stones to help his clients shift energetically.

 JUSTIN  St. Clair

Tarot & Psychic Readings

Reiki & Pranic Healing


Reiki, meditation and tarot have been long-standing practices of Justin, yielding great benefit in his life. After more than a decade with just his first Reiki attunement, a period in which he ran a popular reiki circle at Moon Heart Healing Arts in NYC, he decided it was time to go further. Working with the incredible Aimee Bello (Altared Space & House Of Intuition) Justin was attuned to Reiki Master and continue to practice in his personal life. His work with shamanic traditions and esoteric studies enable him to provide exceptional services for his clients.



Energy Work with Intuitive Guidance

Space Clearing

Animal Healing

Akashic Recorders reading

Kimberlie is a certified Usui/HolyFire2 and Karuna Reiki® Master practitioner and channel. She also works with Source through ReikiTUMMO, channelling Shing Chi energies and the Kundalini. Kimberlie works as an Intuitive Empath through the '4 clares'.  Channeled Guidance is completely unique within each experience with each individual Soul path, as she connect with your Higher~Self aspect to assist with activating your healing on a transformative level.

She is also a certified Pranic Healer and Crystal Healer. Through Pranic Healing we clear negative attachments, and cleanse and balance our major chakras. This reduces stress and old patterns of conditioning, and energizes the bodies with new high vibration Life Force energy. Her personal passion is connecting with Animals through Energy work and sharing the Divine Light with our furry friends, as they share their insight with Us! We are All individual Expressions of our own experiences. Yet we are never truly seperate from our greater purpose as a Whole… It is her honor to help Awaken your Souls Path back to the Divine!!!



Tarot Readings


Spiritual Counsel

As a reader for three decades, Paul uses his skills and gifts as a clairvoyant to offer and illuminate possibilities for you. Spirit teachers, Ascended Masters and folks from the other side join us in the reading.

Paul was taught Pyschometry by his grandmother, who also taught him dowsing for water with sticks, on their Colorado farm. Paul firmly has a foot in two worlds. Dealing with issues of health, relationships and finance, Paul will, with humor, show ways you might be holding yourself back & offers possibilities and techniques to move you towards your greater good.


Shamanic Energy Healing | Breathwork Sessions | Breathwork Couples Therapy | Angel Card Readings | Spiritual Counseling


Eleonora is a certified Reiki III, Breathwork, and Angel Practitioner. She is also a filmmaker and a silk mandala artist. Her intention is to combine creativity with spirituality as a healing method to awaken people’s true authentic power so that they realize their fullest potential on earth. She offers Shamanic Energy Healing sessions, Angel Card readings, and one-to-one Breathwork sessions. She is a communicative healer, channeling the Divine as an intuitive, and assisting those who are ready to effect deep, lasting change in their lives.



Akashic Records Readings

Healing through the Records

We all have dreams, for me, my dream had always been to work in Film and TV as a producer. As time went on, I felt like my goals were only inches away from success and I was doing everything right. It was a gut-wrenching blow when the project I was working on, despite my best intentions, fell apart and my life with it. I woke up soon after, feeling like a failure in all aspects of my life, I found myself saying “What happened, what went wrong?!? Did I pour my heart and soul into this just to have it ripped from my hands?” I didn’t know what to do, but I did know I needed clarity, direction, and help to continue to move forward. I took it one day at a time and ended up on a path to find my way out of the darkness - that path led me straight to The Akashic Records.


When I discovered the Records it was as if a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I was able to recognize that producing TV and film was my passion, but that project falling apart had a force much bigger than me behind it – it wasn’t my fault, it just wasn’t a fit. Through the insight of the Records, I revealed more wisdom into what makes me tick, how to find true peace and happiness in the journey, and above all else trust myself more. I recognized that I had to choose me, I had to put me first, take care of me first, and detach from the outcome – hold the vision and trust the process. Through this amazing awakening through The Akashic Records, I realized that since they had brought me so much peace and clarity to take the steps forward I needed, I wanted to help others do the same! If I could wield this powerful tool to help others step out from the shadows and into their greatness, then that is what I wanted to do! I decided in that moment to become a Certified Akashic Record reader so I could also help people see what they couldn’t see, to give them the courage and clarity needed for themselves - so that they can live a truly inspired life, to be as successful, happy, and as great as I know they can be!


I can tell you that everything happens for a reason, but in that moment of darkness the only spec of light was The Akashic Records. The ability to help people and illuminate their path has been so rewarding. I know that I wouldn’t be where I am today if I hadn’t stepped out of my comfort zone and done something different, to really take the time to understand my path and the lessons that were set before me. Working with countless clients and students over the past few years has been so fulfilling, words cannot express how deeply honored, grateful and humbled I am to share this work.


Aura Readings & Tarot & Oracle  

Chakra Balancing & Energy Healing 

Past Life Regression/Healing

Love & Relationship Coach

Hi, I’m Tanya, a professional Energy Healer, Clairvoyant and love specialist for over 15 years.  I received this wonderful gift at the age of 5. I am American Indian and come from a long line of natural healer’s. Since I was a young girl I always felt certain energy waves from people, and at the age of 6 I was able to see peoples’ auras. It amazes me how everybody’s aura is different! That’s when I realize that I had a gift. I spoke about it with my grandmother and she taught me how to use my power channel into the spiritual world. Just by talking to you, I can channel my energy through your vocal cords, feeling and analyzing your chakras, connecting me to your energy to feel and see what you feel and to understand what you are going through. 

I am a dedicated caring and personable individual who truly wants to help my clients become more connected with their body and energy. I am truly passionate about getting connected with others and help relieve your worries and questions and guide you in the right direction.  We can get lost at times. Much like our physical bodies, we all have our own unique energy field around us. Most people refer to this energy field as the aura. Lower energies can stick to our energy fields and work their way into the physical body manifesting as pain, disease and anxiety. So let’s see what’s going on in your energy and let fill those questions and find the right answers. 

We live in a beautiful world and we should enjoy it.



Energy Healer

Psychic Channeling

Soul Retrieval

Travis was 33 when he first realized, during a reiki class, that he was clairvoyant, could channel information from source, and see, hear, and communicate with the subtle energy systems that surround the human body, with spiritual beings (angels, guides, animals, and loved ones on the other side). Since then, he’s been guided to learn several healing modalities to complement his reiki and energy healing practice that have helped people across the world identify and release the source of a health issue, create more wellness, and live more vibrant, happier and more soul-aligned lives.


With humor, compassion, love, and keen insight Travis has built a heart and soul centered healing practice, and has worked with clients all over the world, providing healing and intuitive sessions, teaching workshops, giving talks, and hosting the Divine Insight show, a radio show and podcast which he developed to help listeners lead more soul-centered lives, and to provide practical tools for daily living. In his award winning show, Travis provides transformational tools for daily living, and channeled information to help listeners and one-on-one clients quickly release energetic patterns that no longer serve, heal trauma, nourish the soul, and empower their lives.


Clients have described Travis as a soul-whisperer, who with compassion, empathy, and love provides a safe space for people to heal. One client said that she received answers to questions she had her whole life and got more out of one session with Travis than over three years of therapy and finally felt whole. Another shared that his show is one of her favorites, and Travis is a wonderfully talented, soul-centered practitioner who is a wise and encouraging guide for her and was an integral part of her path.


Tarot Readings | Intuitive Spiritual Coach | Crystal Healing


Unicole Unicron is a spiritual leader and magical practitioner who has been reading tarot since ze was a child. Unicole uses intuition, channeled guidance, and creative spreads to give the clearest, most helpful readings. Unicole connects to your guides and the highest divinity to give you the answers you're looking for.  


Unicole suffered from severe depression and anxiety that led to a serious suicide attempt. Following zir miraculous survival, this near-death experience led zir to seek out a more meaningful existence. Unicole dove into studying spirituality and re-connected with the magic ze had lost.


In this discovery Unicole realized zir connection as a starseed with zir alien family and began channeling Arcturian and Ascended Master energies. Unicole is deeply connected to the higher realms and the future. Ze is here on Earth to help you find your authentic purpose and help you on your personal Path to Joy.


Tarot Readings | Intuitive Spiritual Coach | Breathwork & Heart Healing


Originally from a small farm in the Portland, Oregon suburbs, Jean used to ask herself that small question of, “why are we here?” Specifically, to the stars. Little did she know how this would all connect years later. Jean has been a passionate storyteller from acting, writing and film and theatre-making. In 2013, Jean graduated from Australia’s prestigious drama school at The Victorian College of the Arts. After graduating, she dove deep in downtown theatre and making short films in New York. Although New York life was very sweet, Jean had a strange calling to Los Angeles. Upon this move, she realized she was an empath, that she could feel other people and collective emotions. No wonder she’s a storyteller! This gift was validated when she had her first tarot reading at Liberate Emporium on her Saturn Return birthday. Since then, Jean dove deep then into reading tarot and began exploring different methodologies of spiritual healing. After taking her first ecstatic breathwork class in 2017, it was a game changer. it was the first time Jean felt her pure conscious self, free from energetic attachments, free from emotional trauma. IT was her true cosmic self. All from her own breath! She continued to take classes, which then freed space in her body to heal trauma, apprenticed under a Chumash shaman, and complete Scott Schwenk’s breathwork teacher training, “The Power of Presence.” Now, she utilizes her empathic and intuitive gifts through her tarot readings and breathwork sessions to bring her client’s intuition and empowerment to the forefront. Jean then connected the dots from her childhood question of, “why are we here?” She knows now we’re here to live, to be our true cosmic self.



Intuitive Spiritual Coach

Reiki Healing

Tarot Readings 

Straight from the land down under, Alan is from Sydney, Australia and has done psychic readings all over the world. His journey down the spiritual path started at a young age where he was fascinated with all things metaphysical. He has studied all religious paths from Jesus to Raman Maharshi but it was down an openly spiritual path where he felt most at home.

Alan is a reiki Master, Clairvoyant & Tarot reader who provides a loving safe space for his clients to heal. Alan specializes in helping you get out of your head and moving beyond your conditioning to achieve being your real self. Alan's focus is to help people achieve happiness and heal, whether that be old wounds or removing blocks in their mind, body & spirit.



Breath Work Sessions

Private & Couples



Jay has spent over 30 years in the world of health, wellness, and personal growth. Challenged with chronic chest infections, allergies, asthma, and depression in childhood, along with low self esteem due to constant bullying, he began an early journey to figure out how he could feel better. What started with weight training at 13 years old grew to become a passion to not only improve his body and health, but his mind and spirit too.

His book LIVE LOOK FEEL, The 12 – Week Guide to Live Longer, Look Younger & Feel Better, taught readers how to find balance in all areas and to forge ahead through even the toughest of times. Over the past few years, Jay’s passion and purpose became even more clear. After attending a small BreathWork class where he had a life – changing and out of body experience, he knew that he had found something beyond important! Knowing that if he could literally release a lifetime of pain and grief in one session, what could this do for others?

He has since trained with some of the top Breathwork teachers and has gone on to share this incredible healing modality with thousands of people both privately and in groups.

Along with BreathWork, Jay incorporates his healing training as a certified Wellness Coach, Ho’oponopono Practitioner, Reiki Master, and Hypnotist.


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