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BY DONATION: Intro to Ayurveda & How It Can Balance Your Life

  • Liberate Hollywood 6365 Selma Avenue Los Angeles, CA, 90028 United States (map)





Ayurveda in Sanskrit translates to The Science of Life. It is a medical science and healthcare practice based on the Vedas, written between 1000 – 700 BC. Ayurveda takes a multidimensional and natural approach to wellness by acknowledging that each person is unique, made up of a unique body type and a unique psychological personality and constitution.


It also focuses on the prevention of the imbalances that cause dis-ease and relies on nature and its rhythms to harmonize a person and their life. Ayurveda considers and respects all the aspects of an individual, which include the physiological, spiritual, emotional, intellectual, behavioral, physical, familial, social, environmental, and universal levels. It believes that each person is responsible for their own health and happiness.

This workshop covers the basics of Ayurveda as well as how to incorporate its wisdom into your life. You will learn the fundamental principles behind this fascinating and incredible ancient healthcare practice that has stood the test of time. You will learn how to bring Ayurvedic principles into your day-to-day in order to foster balance, health, and happiness.


The advantages of incorporating Ayurveda in modern life are enormous. This workshop is the perfect initiation into the Vedic system of life and living. Learn how the ancients advocate honoring yourself and nature and the simple, yet powerful benefits of rituals of self-care. 




Linda Villines is an Intuitive Wellness and Grief Coach, a Certified Holistic Health Coach and a Certified Ayurveda Counselor. She is also a lifelong artist who combines her creative sensibility with her passion and talent for the healing arts.

Linda uses her intuitive and metaphysical abilities to creatively bridge the gap between Spirit and Earth as well as the ancient and modern holistic healing arts to help people pave their path towards ultimate health, happiness, and peace. She spent the majority of her life under the weight of chronic dis-ease. Then, two months after she married her late husband, he was diagnosed with late-stage cancer. Linda became his caretaker, and health and wellness became the center of her life.

After decades of struggling with various diseases and years trying to overcome them, she was finally able to heal herself - by herself - at the end of her husband’s battle with cancer. Shortly after he passed, Linda was blessed with a spiritual awakening that allows her to connect with the universal support and Love we all have surrounding us. She combines this talent with her formal education and depth of experience to facilitate a unique and fully-integrated healing experience.

Linda offers one-on-one wellness and grief coaching, tarot guidance, and medical intuitive readings.

Later Event: July 22
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