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CANCELED *** Friday Night Live: Rich Aucoin


We regret that this event is postponed! Stay tuned for a future date with Rich! 

Rich Aucoin (from Halifax, Nova Scotia) and the musical mastermind he has become known as is a hard subject to condense. As an artist, he is consistently engaged in creative mayhem that is embodied by numerous different projects, but chooses to focus on his part indie-rock/ part experimental symphonic-pop solo career. However, his musical collaborations make for an extensive and impressive list, and with or without the band he includes in his live performance, it will be ensured that a stellar musical output and  major dance party will be witnessed and participated in.

A live show will always entail a carnival-like spectacle - encouraging a dance party like no other, amidst a hurricane of confetti. A Rich Aucoin show has also become synonymous with an audience singing their swelling hearts out beneath a vast parachute, with everyone coming together in climax to enjoy the sonic alchemy.

His album We’re All Dying To Live (Sonic Records) is evidence of the extensive and colorful list of musical collaborators, as it compiled over 500 musicians, friends, and fans from all across Canada. What was created as an album can only be perceived as evidence of the magical and epic musical journey embarked on to deliver the infectious final product. We’re All Dying To Live was produced by Rich Aucoin and Joel Waddell, mixed by David Wrench (Caribou) and mastered by Nilesh Patel (Daft Punk, Justice).

Rich Aucoin’s anticipated new album Ephermal (2014) is one for the brave; it is for people who want to live their lives deep and thoroughly. Rich provides us with an invitation to experience everything - it is symphonic, with sexy bass and musical arrangements, and remains true to his electro-pop dance explosion familiarity. Similar to his debut album Personal Publication (2007) - an EP that synchs to Dr. Seuss’ How The Grinch Stole ChristmasEphermal synchs to The Little Prince.

Rich Aucoin is a musician who encourages listeners to get what is wanted out of life and love. He provides the reassurance of a down to earth, goofy Canadian musician who is passionate about surfing and Star Wars, while allowing us to be reflective through his music that every single second is a gift.