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•Body Realignment Specialist
•Ayurvedic Osteopath
•Health Coach

Bruce is a truly gifted healer that works to realign your body back to its natural state of wellbeing. Through intense body work that corrects emotional, physical and mental blocks, you will walk away feeling taller, with improved posture, and in a state of empowerment. Allow yourself to release those physical tensions tied to emotional struggles and stresses that limit your potential every day. When you apply Bruce’s nutritional knowledge, your body will be reinforced into a state of vitality. Health is wealth and now is the time to take back your health and be in a total state of balance. One of the most magical things about Bruce is you can come in for a quick 15 minute re-adjustment or spend a magical hour to 90 mins transforming your muscular and skeletal system.

Availability: Tuesday 11am-2pm |Wednesday 11am-9pm | Friday & Saturday 11am-3pm