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• Ma Xing (Transformative Bodywork)
• Quantum & Cosmic Healings
•Intuitive Guidance & Coaching


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Amira Luna is a multidimensional Celestial Healer that has experienced liberation of her entire Being through many different Ancient Healing Wisdoms & Cultures from around the world. She is now a dedicated healer serving human animal & plant life through many practices: divined, intuited with each individual. 

Writer, Poet, Author, Dancer, Musician, TV Personality, Designer, Gourmet Chef of many Cuisines, Amira did not dedicate her life fully to as a Healer until her calling came to heal herself of cervical cancer right here in LA in 2008. After a fast & miraculous transformational journey, completely healing her cancer in just three months, she surrendered fully to her calling & has since been flown around the World empowering others with the knowledge of how to completely heal themselves, fully, of every possible disease imaginable. 


Whole Foods * Gourmet raw food chef * Super Foods alchemist * Mineral supplementation * Detox protocols * Rebuilding & rejuvenation of the entire body & cellular structure * Chi Nei Tsang * Karsai Nei Tsang * Ma Xing * Yoga * Meditation * Divine Energy Healing * Quantum & Cosmic Healing


To live simply, to sleep plenty, to eat magnificent living foods, to practice hot yoga, to pray often, to dance daily, to sing joyfully & shine brilliantly!

Favourite Mantra:

Feed your Faith & Doubt will Starve to Death.