CRISTINA DAM is a healer, motivator and leader with a longing desire to cultivate positive change in the world by holding a creative and healing space for transformation. 

Cristina melds her experience from earning two Master’s degrees in educational foundations and psychology with a wide range of healing therapies as an energy healer, channel, NLP trainer, hypnotherapist and addiction treatment specialist to produce companies, content and projects to serve and uplift humanity.


 In addition to supporting the transformation of numerous clients, she has created a program to work with acclimating parolees back in to society, founded a substance abuse prevention program for inner city youth, started a travel and social networking company, Xplorer, and started the non-profit, Motivate Humanity. 


Expanding her uniting vision to an ever broader audience, she is forming her own production company, Liberate Productions, and writing her forthcoming book, LiberateYourself. Imagination and the possibilities are endless as Cristina strives to make the world a better place. 


MON-SAT 11 AM - 9 PM 

SUN 10 AM- 8 pm

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